Top Flavor Concentrates For Your Vape Pen

Flavor concentrates determine to a large extent your vaping experience. Forget about the thick cloudy or thin fumes produced by your VG to PG ratio. Yes, your vape is only enjoyable if the flavor concentrate is free from impurities and boasts of a rich blend of flavors. From the all-too popular fruity flavor blends to the obscure coffee flavors, there’s always something for the average vaper out there. We understand how tasking selecting or choosing a flavor concentrate is. Heck! Most people often have to go through lots of flavor concentrates before they arrive at their preferred choice. To save you the time, resources, and a few broken hearts we’ve created an extensive list of concentrates manufactured by The organization offers a slew flavor concentrates specifically emgineered to bring you that rich flavor satisfaction without compromising on your health or the quality of the vape. This done, let’s explore Flavorah’s top Flavor concentrates for your vape pens.

Dessert and Bakery Flavors
These are some of Flavorah’s popular flavor assortment packs. Bakery and dessert flavors are quite a relish when vaped. The smell of a freshly baked muffin or cake is enough to make vape users crave for more. What’s more? The company captures the real essence of these flavors and makes it taste even greater than the real food. Available dessert and Bakery flavors include; Beer nut flavors, Berry blend flavor, Avocado flavor, Brie Cheese flavor, Biscotti flavor, Cookie dough, Cinnamon Crunch, and Creme de Menthe flavor.
Vegetable and Herb Flavors
How fun is it vaping vegetable flavors? you might ask. Well, get ready for the surprise of your life since flavors featured in this category are not only rich in essence but also taste great when vaped! The Black tea blend, for instance, features the distinct taste of rich black herbs and an undertone of different spices and herbs. Flavors such as carrots, Avocado, and cool menthol, are great for either standalone flavors or mixed with other flavors. Available flavors in this category include; Eisai tea flavors, Fire Cinnamon, Ginger flavor, Ginger Peach flavor, Green Tea flavor, and Kinako Soy flavor.
Liquor and Beverage Flavors
Vaping, in recent times, has expanded to cover exotic flavors of liquors and beverages.
No doubt, flavors in this category are for those who prefer the exotic and taste of their favorite beverages while vaping. You also know that these flavors are not imitations. Rather, they are real food-grade concentrates of your favorite beverage or liquor. Therefore, you can’t miss the distinctive aroma of bourbon, Cola flavor, and even Citrus soda. Available flavors in this category include; Eggnog flavors, Elderflower flavors, Horchata flavor, Honey Bee flavor, Lemon tea flavor, Juniper gin flavor, and Mocha flavor.
Candy flavor
Candy flavors are an all-time favorite for vapers. These flavors have a high acceptance threshold due to the all-too-familiar taste of our favorite candies. From cotton candy flavor to marshmallow flavors to even peppermint flavor, there’s always something for everyone. Thanks to Flavorah’s rich flavor concentrates, you can experience that same taste and aroma, albeit at greater levels of satisfaction for your vape pen. In addition to this, users don’t have to contend with sour-tasting vape flavors since each flavor contains a food-grade sweetener for the maximum vaping experience. Available flavors in this category include; pink fruit flavors, smoothie flavor, Spearmint flavor, Sour apple flavor, and Milk Chocolate flavor.
Wrapping Up
Thanks to Flavorah’s Top Flavor concentrates, vape users can easily reduce the stress of searching for the “right” flavor for their vaping experience. Hold on! Before we end this short expose, you should never attempt to directly vape these flavor concentrates. Always add necessary vape ingredients like Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol to the concentrate before vaping.

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Top Flavor Concentrates For Your Vape Pen

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