Superstrain Delta 8 Dank Nugs Review

Companies understand that in order to remain relevant, they must find new and innovative methods to provide the preferred Delta-8 strain to customers. However, with so many attempts at innovation, we often come across wishy-washy products. The Superstrain Delta 8 Dank Nugs are an edible that blows the Delta 8 ingestion experience out of the park. This consumable is the ideal snack and is created from a delta-8 distillate, which has several advantages.

Features and Specification

  • Gotten from premium hemp extracts
  • Each container contains ten edible nuggets.
  • 25 mg of Delta-8 per nugg
  • Delta-8 and Terpene strains are included.
  • Contains very little Delta-9.

Design Quality and Content Profile

Superstrain’s Dank Nugs have the appearance of cannabis buds. This makes them interesting, as it looks like you are chugging down raw cannabis when you snack on them.

Even though they are not cannabis buds, these delicacies are quite strong. It includes the Delta-8 strain, which has been distilled to perfection at Superstrain’s lab facility. 

When you buy a container, it will include up to ten buds. Each nugget (bud) has a Delta-8 concentration of up to 25 mg, giving the whole package a concentration of up to 200 mg of Delta-8 concentration.

Flavors—delicious and mouthwatering—give added enjoyment when consuming the nugget. Variety is made available for those who prefer to have options. Regardless of whichever you choose, be prepared to have sweetness spilling onto your tongue and gushing down your throat.

The formula used in the dank nugs ensures that you are treated to an enhanced assortment of savory flavors while being swept away in a surreal psychoactive experience. The THC concentration is rather low. Delta-9, which is present in the delectable snack, is only present at 0.3%, which is well within legal limits.

This means you can enjoy your snack anywhere without the risk of getting high. It is very portable and can be easily carried around. 

You will also find that the texture of the nuggets is just right. They are chewy and very satisfying to swallow. 

Finally, the ingredients composed in this formula are of high quality as Superstrain puts every product being released through a rigorous Quality Assurance Test protocol.

Flavor Review

The Delta 8 Dank Nugs chocolate uses chocolate as its primary source of flavoring. Just the mere thought of creamy chocolate melting on your tongue is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

As you take a bite of the delectable edible, you unlock the creamy taste of milk and the sweet sensation of melting cocoa. 

The sweetness this nugg offers you is just perfect for lovers of delta-8—or any cannabis lover—with a sweet tooth. While you enjoy the delicious chocolate flavor, the Delta-8 enters the digestive tract for the final effect.

Superstrain, in their blend, enhances this taste to ensure that your sweet tooth is being satiated while you’re being hit with a wave of euphoria.


Superstrain is well-known in the industry as a popular marketplace and manufacturer of hemp-derived products.

They ensure quality, both in the brands they represent in their catalogs as well as in products from their own brands. Doing the hard work and getting their hands dirty, they sieve through millions of hemp-based products to list the best.

Pricing and Availability

Superstrain is well known for providing one of the best deals for cannabis products. Of course, this would include their own branded products as well. 

The best deal you can find for the SuperstrainDelta 8 Dank Nugs chocolate is on their website itself. There, you can get it for a little more than $10. 

Superstrain also makes it super easy to get your product as It is delivered straight to your doorstep.

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Superstrain Delta 8 Dank Nugs Review

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