Sub-ohm Vaping Safety Concerns You Should Know About

Sub-ohm vaping is getting increasingly popular among vaping enthusiasts. Vapers want to try sub-ohm vaping because of the many benefits that it offers. You get huge clouds, smoother throat hits, and more intense flavors. However, what is rarely talked about is the dangers associated with sub-ohm vaping. Let’s look at some safety concerns that could happen when sub-ohm vaping.


One of the first possible dangers of sub-ohm vaping is the possibility of an explosion. This could happen if a vaper does not care for their battery and vaping device properly. It is essential for your vaping device to vent. There are airflow holes in most sub-ohm vaping devices. You want to make sure they are open. Locking the airflow holes could result in dangerous consequences. You do not want too much pressure placed on the battery, especially when does is not enough airflow. Things could get heated quickly if you push your battery to the limits. A thermal runway could occur and cause a chemical reaction within the cells of your battery. This could result in hot gas, and flames being released. Thermal runways could not trigger explosions which can result in severe injuries.

Don’t overcharge

Another common practice that should be taking seriously is overcharging. Most people tend to forget that their batteries are charging. Overcharging happens with most modern devices. However, unlike other devices, your sub-ohm vaping device could explode if overcharged. A battery could enter thermal runway if it gets too charged and things could become dangerous if the battery above its max voltage. You want to make sure that you monitor your batteries if you charger them in your computer’s USB port. And if you choose to charge your battery via a wall or car adapter, then you should ensure that the vaping device matches the adapter’s specs. It is important that you never charge your sub-ohm device with a charger meant for mobile devices because they use 2.1 – amp current while mods use 0.4-amp or 1.0-amp.

Moving your batteries around

Most people underestimate the damage that transporting their batteries carelessly could have. Many vapers have more than one battery for their sub-ohm vaping device. This will come in handy when one battery dies; vapers switch batteries when one dies out, so the session continues. Although it is great that you can keep on vaping, the habit of carrying batteries in your pocket could be dangerous. If your battery touches a coin or any other metallic object like your keys they could leak. A leaky battery is dangerous and could have dire consequences. It is advisable to carry your batteries in a separate space where there is no chance of contact with a sub-ohm device battery.

If you want to try sub-ohm vaping it is best that you carry out some research first. Sub-ohm vaping is for the pros, people who have spent years vaping and are experienced. Always check that the resistance of your sub-ohm coil is in line with the manufacturer’s recommendation. You also want to confirm that your battery’s voltage and coil resistance are in proper order. WOTOFO has premium vaping products that are safe.

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Sub-ohm Vaping Safety Concerns You Should Know About

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