STLTH Pod System Review

The STLTH pod is produced in Canada by STLTH Vape. However, its design is the result of a collaboration between American and Canadian minds. This is a closed-system pod. It has a small and ergonomic design just like the JUUL. This device is ideal for people who are new to vaping or those who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

The STLTH pod is indeed stealth. It fits comfortably in hand and has a sleek finish which feels pleasant to the touch. The dimension of the device is 19.1mm by 11.1mm by 105.1mm. You can also it in your pocket without any inconvenience. This pod device does not come with any buttons. To activate it, all you need to do it draw through the mouthpiece.

The STLTH is composed of two parts: the battery section and the pod. The device comes with a 420mAh battery, which can last you for up to an hour of continuous vaping. The device initially came with a 350mAh battery. However, the company listened to the requests of vapers and decided to give the battery an upgrade. The STLTH comes with a USB cable so you can charge the device. This device doesn’t support pass-through so you cannot vape while it is charging.

You can tell when the battery of the STLTH device is low because the light on the LED indicator on the battery will flash orange five times when you try to take a puff. On the other hand, when the battery is full, the LED indicator will turn white.

You will have no difficulties attaching the pod to the battery and removing it. STLTH pods are disposable and come with 2ml of e-juice. There are pods with different e-juice flavors including Mango, Frost, Honeydew Menthol, Berry Blast, Tobacco Blend, Tundra Berry, and Crisp Apple. You can get a pack of three pods from just about any e-liquid shop. A pack of three pods is going for only CAD 15.99 at the Hazetown Vapes online store. The pods are available with either 35mg/mL or 50mg/mL of nicotine salts. The STLTH pods are transparent so you can see the level of e-juice that you have in each pod at all times. This means you do not risk getting dry hits in the quest to check if a pod is empty.

One impressive thing about the STLTH is that although this is a tiny device, the draw isn’t too restricted. Admittedly, you need some time to get used to it, but it generally vapes smoothly. Also, the vapor production is decent. You wouldn’t get thick, billowing clouds of vapor. However, you will get a mouthful of vapor from every puff.

You can get the STLTH pod device for only CAD 19.99 at the Hazetown Vapes vape shop Toronto. This is an affordable price for such a high-quality product. You can get the STLTH pod in different colors like Navy Blue, Black, Grey, and Rose Gold.

The SLTH pod device is ideal for people who don’t vape a lot. The battery life is pretty impressive for such a small device. Also, it is perfect for vaping discreetly in public. What more can you ask for? Visit Hazetown Vapes today and check out this device. This Toronto vape shop has a vast array of vaping products and accessories which are priced affordable. Also, you will enjoy the best customer service and speedy shipping (if you shop online.)

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STLTH Pod System Review

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