Review: Strawberry PB And Jam E-Liquid by Jam Monster

Flavor Description

Jam Monster is one of the leading vape juice brands in the industry with an array of impressive e-liquids. This company makes some of the best jam vapes. Strawberry PB And Jam is a Jam Monster vape juice offering a blend of strawberry jam, peanut butter and light notes of toast. Vaping this Jam Monster e-liquid will remind you of breakfast. The flavor is authentic and don’t taste artificial.

On the inhale, Strawberry PB And Jam gives you the taste of sweet strawberry jam. On the exhale, notes of peanut butter and strawberries fill your mouth with the toast in the background.

VG/PG Ratio & Nicotine Level

Strawberry PB And Jam by Jam Monster comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can choose either 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg. This e-liquid works with sub-ohm tanks and RDA’s.

Strawberry PB And Jam by Jam Monster contains 70/30 percent VG and PG. This e-juice produces plenty thick clouds of vapor. It is easy on the throat. The vape juice doesn’t produce a harsh sensation even when you turn up the wattage.


Strawberry PB And Jam by Jam Monster is available at different stores. However, West Coast Vape Supply offers the best price. A 100ml bottle of Strawberry PB And Jam is selling for only $11.75 at the West Coast Vape Supply online store. This e-liquid is usually sold for for $24.99.

Besides Strawberry PB And Jam, you will find many other Jam Monster e-liquids at this store under different brands, including Custard Monster Blueberry Custard, Custard Monster Vanilla, Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Grape, PB And Jam, Mixed Berry, Lemon, Apple, Banana, Melon Colada, Mangerine Guava, Peach, Custard Monster Butterscotch, Banana PB And Jam, Fruit Monster Mango Peach Guava, Apricot, Strawberry Salt, Blueberry Salt, and Mangerine Guava Salt Ice, and many others.

West Coast Vape Supply offers excellent customer service and fast shipping. You can get free shipping from this store if your order amounts to $200 or more.

Besides e-liquids, West Coast Vape Supply sells many other vaping products such as tanks, disposable vapes, coils, starter kits, hardware, and more. You will find products from all the top brands at this store. As an icing on the cake, this store offers super fast shipping. Check them out today!

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Review: Strawberry PB And Jam E-Liquid by Jam Monster

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