Medusa Upper Cut Blend Review.

The well-known Medusa Brand’s brand-new product is called Upper Cut Blend. It comes with five new strains and a perfect combination of THC-H, a cannabinoid known to improve mood and aid in pain relief, D8 LIVE RESIN, and THC-JD. They are offered in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica varieties.

In order to provide you with the best hemp products, Medusa is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. The disposables and carts from Medusa Uppercut are unique in the world! They are a special proprietary blend and some of the strongest you can find on the market right now. Before they decided on the ingredients to use to make their Uppercut Blend, they devoted countless hours to research and testing.

The following components go into the special Medusa Uppercut Blend:

  • THC-H: Tetrahydrocannabihexol THC-H has the second longest chemical chain after THC-P, therefore making it the second most potent cannabinoid after THC-P
  • Delta 8 Live Resin: The hemp plant contains a naturally occurring chemical substance called Delta 8 live resin. It is very comparable to Delta 9 THC but has a milder psychoactive effect. To maintain the complete terpene profile of each strain, Medusa only uses fresh flowers. Fresh hemp flowers are used to make Medusa’s Delta 8 live resin.
  • THC-JD: It is thought that THC-jd, a rare, naturally occurring cannabinoid, is up to many times more potent than delta-9 THC.

This unusual cannabinoid is often referred to as an indica/couch-lock cannabinoid by its users. THCjd has a special effect when combined with Delta8 THC and THCh (a cannabinoid well-known for enhancing moods and an excellent option for pain relief), which sets it apart from other cannabinoids entirely. Medusa’s Uppercut Blend is a fantastic option when visiting your local retailer because this special blend provides a much fuller experience.

Available Strains and Flavors

The Upper Cut devices come in a variety of strains and flavors. Below is a list of what each strain can be expected to offer.

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck: There are several names for this sativa variety, including Matanuska Thunder Fuck. It has a potent, nuanced flavor, including skunk, menthol, lemon, cedar, and pine. Additionally, it has a hint of nuttiness and earthiness.
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato: This exotic Sativa strain has a distinctive citrus flavor with notes of berry, earth, pine, and fruit.
  • Gary Payton: The well-known American basketball player is honored in the name of this hybrid strain. It is distinguished by an earthy, berry, nutty, musky, and piney aroma. It has a mildly sweet odor.
  • Gush Mintz: The flavor of this hybrid strain is oddly minty. Additionally, it has cherry, nutty, piney, and diesel notes.
  • Oreoz: The name of this hybrid strain is accurate. It has a mouthwatering aroma with hints of chocolate, nuts, and diesel flavors.
  • Watermelon Zkittlez: The flavor of this Indica strain is strongly tropical. You will detect hints of watermelon and sweet-sour citrus flavors.
  • Banana Breath: The sweet, fruity aroma of this Indica strain is well-known, and citrus notes predominate.

How to Use Medusa Upper Cut Carts & Disposables

Uppercut devices from Medusa are pre-filled and pre-charged. When you remove them from the pack, they are immediately ready for use. It is not possible to recharge or refill these devices. Once the concentrate is finished or the battery dies, you must discard them.

Cartridges for the Upper Cut are already filled. They are made to fit the majority of low-wattage, 510-compatible batteries that are currently sold. They have been created to function with and fit flush against the Medusa XL Battery. Once the tank is empty, simply discard it because it cannot be refilled.

Price and Availability.

This high-quality Upper Cut blend from Medusa D8 gives value for money as it sells for just $43.99.

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Medusa Upper Cut Blend Review.

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