Juul Starter Kit Review

The Juul has become the standard in the market for pod systems thanks to its excellent design and functionality. It is safe to say that the Juul is the Lamborgini of pod devices. It is not as affordable as other pod systems out there. However, the device is worth is the price. This is a closed pod system, and it is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to know anything about vaping to get a hand of how it works.

The Juul is available at just about every physical or online shop. One of the only places you can get a cheap Juul and other vaping products is the Ultimate Vape Deals online store.

The Juul is a sleek and compact device. It looks like a long pen drive. The dimensions of the Juul are 95mm by 15mm by 7mm. It is quite small. You will have no issues fitting it in your pocket or bag. Also, it is lightweight.

The Juul is a plug and play device. Once you fit in the pod, you can start vaping. The Juul comes with a 200mAh battery. The battery is enough to last you for a whole day. There is an LED light on the device, which is touch-activated. The LED serves as a battery life indicator when you tap it. It shows either green, yellow, or red, depending on the battery level. The LED light flashes white when you take a puff. The Juul comes with a proprietary charger. You will find contacts under the device which connects to the magnetic charger. To recharge the device, all you need to do is attach it to the charger and plug it in. It takes around 45 minutes to one hour for the battery to go from empty to full charge. The Juul does not support pass-through. However, the battery can last you for a whole day before you’d need to recharge it. You can get at least 200 puffs from the battery before it runs out.

The Juul is designed to work with pods. Each pod comes pre-filled with e-juice. There are several e-liquid flavors to choose from. Apart from the pods that Juul makes available, there are also Juul-compatible pods made by other companies. The pods from Juul can each hold 0.7ml of e-juice. The pods are available with 30mg/ml or 50mg/ml of nicotine. The flavor intensity of the Juul is quite impressive for such a small device. You will be stunned by the richness of the flavor that you get from this e-liquid. The vapor production is not outstanding understandably. There is no airflow control on this device. However, when you put your hands over the clear part of the pods, the airflow is a bit restricted.

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Juul Starter Kit Review

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