Joyetech Exceed Grip Review

I have been using the Joyetech Exceed Grip for 2 weeks now, and I think it is the right time to give my review on this device. For my reviews, I tend to use high-quality premium vape liquids to determine the optimum ability of the device. I tend to go for e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin content, zero nicotine level, and fruity flavorings with complex flavor notes. I personally think it is the best way to judge vaping devices.

What are inside the box?

  • 1 * EXCEED Grip Battery
  • 1 * Standard Cartridge (4.5ml; EX-M coil pre-installed)
  • 1 * Pod Cartridge (3.5ml)
  • 1 * EX-M 0.4ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * Warranty Card

The very first time I opened the box, I was honestly shocked by how tiny yet robust the Exceed Grip Vape is. Thanks to its all-day 1000 mAh battery under the hood, different colors available, two cartridge type, two coil system, and different airflow, I strongly think Joyetech made the Grip with power and flexibility in mind.

In all honesty, I am a direct-to-lung (DTL) kind of person, and the performance the Grip showed me the past weeks was decent enough. The mouth to lung draws using the disposable coil also produced impressive clouds of flavor and good flavors. I think this can be traced from the fact that all these coil systems use new mesh cotton as its wicking material, which Joyetech claims is made of plant fibers so vape juices are absorbed quickly, purely and flavors are produced purely and decently.

The translated English language in the PR and product materials can be a little confusing. At first, I thought that the kit would come with both standard and ceramic coils. Later on, I found out, the ceramic coils were optional, and the disposable carts were the ones included. That is not much of an issue in the first place though. But just in case we arrive at the same understanding.

Impressively, the Exceed Grip’s cart system is unlike others. The cartridges are integrated on the side part of the device so you can simply push and pull to remove it (a little force is needed). They fit and snug perfectly into the slots so you really do not have to worry that it will get loose. So far, I did not experience any leaks at all.

The Exceed Grip has a couple of protection system, including timeout protection, overcharging protection, short circuit protection, and over-discharging protection. While other manufacturers think that is enough, Joyetech goes above and beyond, integrating its new dry burn protection technology.

This technology can prevent users from experiencing a dry hit. When the device detects that the cartridge is running out of e-juices, it automatically cut the power down. You will know it is working when the battery indicator flashes the red light twice. I think this is quite useful, especially when you are already having fun with your friends and you forgot to check your vape juice level and all.

I love how basic the functions of this device are. It has no complicated instructions to memorize and all. For instance, five clicks will already turn the device on. To vape, simply press the fire button and vape away.

To refill, you can find a black rubber plug at the upper side of the cartridges. All you have to do is remove that stopper, fill in your e-juice, and secure the stopper back. No hassle, right? You can fill your cartridges in three easy steps without spilling a drop or two.

You can recharge the device using a mini-USB cable. It will only signal two lights so it is easy to memorize. Red means the battery level is less than 20%, white means above 20%.

The battery delivers its power using an intelligent variable voltage output circuit. Joyetech recommends the use of nic salt e-liquids for the pod cartridge and freebase, regular vape juice for the standard cartridge.

Overall, I think the Joyetech Exceed Grip is designed for new and advanced vapers alike since it can offer both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung draws. For as low as $36.80 at, I think this is a bang for the bucks.

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Joyetech Exceed Grip Review

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