Drag Nano 2 By Voopoo Review

The Drag Nano 2 is the newest portable and highly functional pod vape from Vopoo. Its predecessor, the Drag Nano, has been a trendy device since its launch in 2019. Vopoo has continuously produced top-quality vape pods and pod mods since its inception. Its dedication to meet the needs of vapers across different continents has set it as a thought leader in the vaping scene. The brand utilized innovation and technology to create devices that dominate the industry. 

The Drag Nano 2 utilizes an automatic draw mechanism and comes with dual, 2ml pods. The power output is between 8-20W of power and 3.2-4.2V. The device has a flexible airflow adjustment feature and three power level outputs. Let us not forget about the powerful integrated 800mAh battery that is rechargeable via a type C charger. As you can see, the device is packed with features that, when combined, offer the best vaping experience. Below is a deeper look into what sets this classic device apart from the rest.

Product features

Design and build

As the name suggests, this is a small, portable device that can easily fit in the palms of your hands. It is 72mm tall (as a complete unit with the pod), has a breadth of 44mm, and is 14.2 mm thick. Its total weight while fully loaded with vape juice is around 68 grams. The size makes it possible to place it in your pocket and move around freely, only reaching for it when needed. Alternatively, the device comes with a lanyard that you can use to carry the device around the neck.

The Drag Nano is made of zinc alloy with polycarbonate panels or leather panels. The exquisite finish gives the device a classy look. The material used is quite durable and can withstand everyday impacts from falls or scratches. 

Airflow control and LED display

Under the pod, you can find the airflow controlled, which is tightly fixed to ensure your preferred setting stays locked. You get to select the ideal level of airflow for each of your vaping sessions, which allows you to enjoy different flavor and vapor production levels. Just below the airflow adjuster is the LED display button. You can monitor the battery life and the output level through the LED screen.

Battery life

As you make your draw, the number of LEDs that will light up indicates the battery life of your device. 3 LEDs indicate that the battery has a battery life surpassing the 60% mark. Two LEDs indicate the battery is between 33% and 66%, while one LED is a warning that your battery is below 33% and needs to be recharged soon.

Output level

The Drag Nano 2 has three output power levels, each represented by different color LED. The low power is blue, the mid-power is green, and the white represents high power output.


The Drag Nano 2 pods are larger and broader compared to their predecessor’s pods; However, they are compatible with Voopoo Vinci pods. The device comes with two pods, one with a 0.8Ω coil and the other with a 1.2Ω coil. You cannot replace the coils, so you will have to replace the entire pod. 

You can easily refill the pod without removing it from the Drag Nano two, an impressive and convenient feature. To refill, remove the silicon plug, put in your preferred vape juice, and return the silicon plug. The pods are transparent, allowing you to keep track of the e-liquid quantity. 


This is the best one yet from Voopoo. The Drag Nano is excellently built such that it is impossible to find any fault. This device is highly recommended.

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Drag Nano 2 By Voopoo Review

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