DIY Vape Juice: What You Need To Know

WIth the ever-increasing popularity of DIY vape juice, it is now important to create a simple step by step guide to help even beginners get into the DIY vape juice industry and begin to make vape juice like the professionals. In this article, we will begin from scratch and get to the end result which is a successful vape juice brew just like your favorite commercial vape juice. 

Vape juice, also popularly known as ejuice or eliquid, is the fuel for your e cigarette. It’s a liquid that can easily be vaporized by your e cigarette, and it rewards you with flavor, vapor, as well as the traditional throat hit, just like a traditional cigarette. Vape juice itself is not made up of any complex ingredients, and it does not involve any advanced preparatory procedures. As a result, making it is pretty simple and straightforward for just about any vaper with a dash of enthusiasm.

DIY Vape Juice: What You Need

Vape juice, even your favorite commercial brands, contain 3 major components to make it as excitingly delicious as it is. Here are the three components:

  1. Bases

In order to make vape juice, you need ingredients that act as the bases because they carry all the other ingredients and facilitate the liquid to be easily vaporized in addition to their individual pros. The bases are:

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a natural chemical obtained from vegetable oil. It is an odorless and viscous liquid with a slightly sweet taste. In vape juice, vegetable glycerin (VG) makes vaping feel much smoother while delivering thick clouds of vapor. It also adds a bit of sweetness to the vape juice. VG makes the ejuice thicker which in turn makes the ejuice perfect for sub ohm vaping.
  • Propylene glycol (PG) is a colorless, odorless, and light liquid that is used as a suspension fluid since it carries the flavor. PG also delivers a smooth throat hit.
  1. Flavorings

SInce you are making vape juice yourself, you are free to experiment with as many diverse flavors as you want. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a one-shot concentrate (including only one flavor), and then begin making flavor profiles from already-made recipes. When buying flavoring, you need to make sure to buy high temperature resistant flavoring designed for vaping. A good place to buy high-grade flavoring like these is on

  1. Nicotine 

While some vapers will prefer to do without nicotine, others may not. As a result, nicotine can either be used or left out from your ejuice recipe. Even some commercial vape juices come with 0% nicotine. Nicotine is the compound that gives vaping a similitude of smoking traditional cigarettes. Just be extra careful when using nicotine because even a little too much can ruin your entire vape juice.

Once you have your ingredients, you will need to put together a few supplies to make the mixing process a lot easier. Here’s what you will need:

  • Storage bottles 

You can use a plastic bottle with a childproof cap because it is convenient. You can also repurpose your empty ejuice bottles.

  • Syringes, pipettes

You will need these for measuring out your ingredients according to the measurements of your ejuice recipe. It is easier and better to have one syringe for each ingredient that you will be working with. 

  • Gloves, goggles

Since you are working with chemicals, your safety cannot be overemphasized. You can use either rubber or latex gloves to protect your skin in case you spill any chemical. The goggles also help protect your eyes incase of any spill. Make sure to have them on before you begin anything.

Learning how to make a vape juice begins with knowing what vape juice is all about, its ingredients, and the supplies you need to put together to make it. Now you have all that, you can go ahead and make your own vape juice with ease.

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DIY Vape Juice: What You Need To Know

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