Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa by CBDfx Review

Introducing the Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa from CBDfx. These delicious treats come packed with a host of hemp compounds that guarantee a therapeutic and mood-lifting experience. For nearly a decade, CBDfx has continuously produced top-tier products that resonate with the needs of different consumers. This has set them apart from the competition and placed them as the leading go-to brand for all things CBD-related. CBDfx produces gummies, oils, tinctures, mushroom/CBD oil, capsules, and vape juices. Below is a review of everything you need to know about CBDfx’s Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa.

Product feature

Full-spectrum CBD

This Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa contains full-spectrum hemp extract, meaning it comes with all the compounds present in a hemp plant (cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential oils). These compounds work in synergy to heighten the effects, leading to better results. These gummies contain 5mg THC, and 25mg CBD per serving, sufficient to provide all-day health and wellness. The cannabinoids work with the endocannabinoid system for optimum body functioning. This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for total relaxation, mood elevation, and overall wellness. 

What’s more, CBDfx includes the feel-good vibes of Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis is available in three varieties; Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The first variety provides a cerebral high that keeps you motivated, uplifted, creative, focused, and positive. Indica is great for relaxation, sedation, and sleep due to their body-numbing effects. Ruderalis has little effect and is primarily used for its genetics due to its high resiliency. The Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa will keep you exhilarated and in a great mood.

Delicious flavor 

CBDfx’s Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa has a delicious, mouthwatering berry flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Be careful, though, not to take too much. For many people, the taste of hemp can be off-putting, which is why many brands, like CBDfx, try to make the consumption process as enjoyable as possible by providing treats with various flavors. 

Prolonged effects

Gummies are edibles, meaning that they will have to go through digestion before the compounds are metabolized. This means that the effects may take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in, depending on several factors. While the effects may take longer to become noticeable, edibles have the most extended duration of effects, usually lasting six to eight hours and sometimes up to 24 hours. This makes Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa the ideal morning treat that will keep you energized, creative, and uplifted throughout the day.

Purity and safety adherence 

CBDfx adheres to strict standards in all its operations. They aim for purity, safety, and transparency from seed to shelf. The cannabinoids are extracted from US-grown hemp plants and processed using CO2 extraction. The company prides itself on making top-notch, pure, and safe products backed by third party lab test results. The reports are available on the CBDfx website. 

How to take The Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa

A jar of The Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa contains 20 gummies, each with 5mg of THC and 25mg of CBD. The recommended dose is one gummy per serving. For new consumers, cut the gummy into four equal pieces and take one piece. Assess your body’s reaction for two hours before increasing the dosage. Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after consuming these gummies.

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Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD: Berry Buzz Sativa by CBDfx Review

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